Art Therapy (Major)

Art Therapy Department

Pamela O'Brien, Dean, School of Arts, Sciences and Business
Cathy Goucher, MA, ATR-BC, LCPC, LCPAT, Chair and Undergraduate Program Director

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The NDMU Bachelor of Arts in Art Therapy represents study related to one of the newest, unique specializations in the helping professions. The Program of Study includes the study of studio art, photography and art history, and a psychology curriculum stressing a sequence of counseling, therapy, and developmental psychology classes. A practicum in the student's senior year will provide a clinical experience orientation.

The BA in Art Therapy was designed to promote and support the advancement of women in a field in which many women express interest and where state and regional need is growing in hospitals, schools, and community health endeavors.

Students who enroll in the bachelor’s degree Program of Study should plan to pursue the master’s degree toward credentialing at NDMU or another university in order to meet local and national requirements for practice in the field.  

Required Core Courses for Major in Art Therapy (Credits)

ART-101 Drawing I (3)
ART-102 Color and Design (3)
ART-103 3-D Design (3)
ART-121 Art History - Renaissance to 1950s (3)
ART-142 Painting I (3)
ART-162 Digital Photography (3)
ART-228 Mixed Media (3)
ART-247 Ceramics (3)
ART-330 Theory: Criticism & Contemporary Art (3)
ATP-201 Introduction to Art Therapy (3)
ATP-310 Art Therapy: Theory and Practice (3)
ATP-470 Practicum in Art Therapy (4)
MAT-215 Basic Statistics (3)
PSY-101 Introductory Psychology (4)
PSY-205 Theories of Personality (3)
PSY-207 Psychopathology (3)
PSY-210 Research (4)
PSY-233 Human Development (3)
PSY-306 Theories & Techniques Counseling (4)
Art Therapy Elective 

 Additional information on the Master of Arts in Art Therapy

The co-ed Master of Arts in Art Therapy meets a regional and national need for more practitioners in one of the important contemporary helping professions. Students may enroll in the 64-credit Program of Study on a full- or part-time basis. The Program focuses on engagement with theory and processes of Art Therapy. Study weaves together counseling and psychological theory and techniques toward distinct art psychotherapy practices. Study includes advanced courses in mixed media, ceramics and photography. Courses are offered in on-ground and hybrid formats. In addition, substantial clinical hours are required at off-site internships. Art therapists serve in a number of hospital, school, and community health settings. 

The Program received approval from the Maryland Higher Education Commission in Fall 2017 and began educating students in Fall 2018.

The MA in Art Therapy Program at NDMU has a site visit scheduled for pursuing inital accreditation by the commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs. This step in the process is neither a status of accreditation nor a guarantee that accreditation will be granted. The course of study is aligned with state licensure requirements and national educational standards required for credentialing.

Four-Year Plan

Below is a sample Program of Study for full-time Art Therapy Majors. Students should consult with the Program Coordinator for their academic plans as many courses are offered on alternating years.

First year      
NDMU-100 Perspectives on Education and Culture 4 ART-121 Art History Renaissance to 1950s 3
PSY-101 Introduction to Psychology 4 ART-162 Digital Photography 3
MAT-215 Statistics 3 ART-142 Painting I 3
ART-101 Drawing I 3 General Education Requirements 9
General Education Requirements 3 Foreign Language Requirement
[17 credits]    [18 credits]  
Second year      
PSY-210 Research Methods 4 PSY-207 Psychopathology 3
PSY-205 Theories of Personality 3 PSY-233 Human Development 3
ART-103 Three-Dimensional Art 3 ART-247 Ceramics  3
     OR ART-102 Color and Design      OR ART-228 Mixed Media  
ATP-201 Introduction to Art Therapy 3 General Education Requirement 9
General Education Requirements 3 [18 credits]
[16 credits]    
Third year      
PSY-306 Theories and Techniques of Counseling  3 PSY or ATP Elective 3
ART-102 Color and Design 3 ART-330 Theory: Criticism & Contemporary Art 3
     OR ART-103 Three-dimensional Art ART-228 Mixed Media 3
General Education Requirements 9/11      OR ART-247 Ceramics
[15/17 credits]   ATP-310 Art Therapy: Theory and Practice  3
  General Education Requirments 3
  [15 credits]
Fourth year      
Studio Art Elective (list below) Studio Art Elective (list below) 3
ATP-470 Practicum in Art Therapy 4 ART-440 Senior Seminar recommended, not required 3
General Euducation Requirments 6 General Education Requirments 6
[13 credits] [12 credits]  

Must select TWO elective at the advanced level in painting, drawing or photography:

ART-201 Drawing II (offered ODD years Fall)
ART-202 Painting II (offered ODD years Fall)
ART-301 Drawing III (offered Spring)
ART-302 Painting III (offered Spring)
ART-321 Life Drawing I (offered every other Spring)
ART-421 Life Drawing II (offered every other Spring)
ART-363 Color Photography (offered Fall every 3rd year)
ART-364 Studio Photography (offered Spring every 3rd year)

Participation is Senior Art Exhibit is expected.